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Ref: 651-0200-01-1-SDI RGBlink

The msp200pro is an essential tool for any audiovisual professional.

It is a test pattern generator with a set of additional capabilities that greatly facilitate the tasks of installing and configuring systems.

This laptop offers hdmi and hdsdi input (optional) and sync, as well as allowing the connection of a usb memory stick. The input can be transcoded to composite, sdi or dvi, with an independent audio output and sync output. It has a touch screen that allows the monitoring of any of the inputs.

In addition to this function the equipment allows the emission of test patterns and frame rate indicator, which allows to check the delay of a video system. You can also manage the edid of an incoming signal to analyze a possible problem.

Finally, the msp200 pro has a waveform monitor and a vectorscope as well as a histogram indicator, which are visible on your screen. There is an additional battery module that allows its use without power and is supplied with a carrying case.

- touch screen control
- output of a range of signal types
- sets and selects from a range of common output formats
- audio output test included
- genlock y & hs outputs
- live signal input for pre-visualization and inspection
- test mpeg with usb media as source
- test pattern generator
- time code generator
- genlock y input
- remote control via usb connection
- preview of the digital input source on the screen
- output digital input (pass through)
- source for the signal test

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Brand: RGBlink
Posts: 1 x HDMI, 1 x USB, 1 x Genlock, 1 x SDI (opcional)
Departures: 1 x SDI, 1 x DVI, 1 x CVBS, 2 x Genlock, 1 x Audio
Controls: Táctil
Colour: Negro
Source feed: 12DC
Dimensions ( mm ): 219 x 148.5 x 32
Weight (kg.): 0,83
Included accessories: Fuente de alimentación, mateta de transporte
Warranty (years ): 2