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The Wine Centre Villa-Lucía of Laguardia (Alava) has released an exclusive Room 4D for the display of "In the Land of Dreams", an award- winning short film in 3D pioneer in Spain which has been produced by the museum itself and whose designed to show the riches of the Rioja Alavesa.

The Christie E Series projectors have been chosen for this new minicinema 90 square meters with capacity for 70 persons incorporates real 4D effects, allowing a total sensory experience.

The installation of the new 4D Chamber has been borne by Aidazu, a company based in Vitoria which has more than 15 years as a specialist in assemblies and audiovisual installations, in collaboration with Charmex, Christie partner in Spain. Aidazu installed in the living room two Christie E Series DHD670-E projectors operating in parallel to project the short film in 3D. The museum has also acquired another computer of the same model as backup.

"In Aidazu Christie projectors market started over 10 years ago, and when he left the Series E what caught our eye was its price , " recalls Alberto Aguinaco, director of Aidazu. "It is quiet, compact, straight lines and excellent image quality projectors, and all with a very good value , " he adds. "In this particular installation, we recommend these projector models, in addition to its price and the prestige of the Christie brand, because it is noiseless and ease of installation and its dual lamp" continues Aguinaco.

In that sense, the Christie DHD670-E uses a dual mercury lamp system that makes it possible to operate each device mode single or double lamp. But even if used in single lamp mode, the projector offers maximum light output. DLP technology 1-chip, the Christie DHD670-E has a brightness of 5,800 ANSI lumens (6,400 central lumens), a contrast ratio of 5000: 1 (full on / full off) and a native resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080). The hermetic unfiltered light system design protect it from dust and dirt, preserving image quality and reducing maintenance costs. Ruben Lavin, director of the Wine Centre Villa-Lucía, particularly remarkable image quality projectors: " We needed a team with a high image quality to reflect seamless excellent technical production, animation and assembly has the short . we also convinced the guarantee that the Christie brand, and of course the good value of this line of projectors. " The film, 23 minutes long and filmed in 3D, is projected on a screen of 5 x 2.80 meters HD 1920x1080 resolution and an aspect ratio of 16: 9. As the iSMovie player inSynergie system, a module videographic playback software-based content and able to turn any PC into a video player is used.

Theme Villa-Lucía center