Pablo Olavide University installs the PDI Clevertouch Plus for teaching purposes

This PDI Android 84 - inch 4K resolution and 10 tactile touch, has been installed in the building Alexander von Humboldt in order to provide the faculty of innovative tools for the exercise of teaching, bringing technology into the classroom.

Posted in Digital AV .- The Seville University Pablo de Olavide ( UPO ) installed in the classroom building B11 Alexander von Humboldt, an interactive whiteboard (PDI) of 84 inches that has 10 areas of tactile feedback and definition UHD ( 4K).

It is the touch screen for educational use Clevertouch Plus of Charmex which was awarded 'Best interactive whiteboard / interactive Monitor' in the last edition of SIMO Education .

The Clevertouch Plus screen, the characteristics and advance in Digital AV Magazine , featuring the technology that is built that offers full HD 1080p resolution. Incorporates annotation features, freeze frame and allows you to directly select images, videos, audio and office files for use in presentations. Its connectivity includes HDMI, VGA, RS232 and USB.

Pablo Olavide University installs the PDI Clevertouch Plus for teaching purposes
It is a teaching tool that does not require the simultaneous use of a PC or laptop, incorporating the Android system. Can be used as blackboard, writing notes, making diagrams, insert images, change the background color, add and move through the pages, double-click to open files, copy, cut and paste; and as a PC to surf the Internet directly from the screen and share the content displayed on mobile devices. It can also be used with more specialized as CleverMaths, CleverLynx, DisplayNote and Snowflake, both Windows and Linux software.

The initiative has conducted Pablo Olavide University is part of the Strategic Plan 2014-2016 of the center and aims to equip teachers with innovative tools for teaching, bringing technology into the classroom, and is part of the strategy of modernization spaces of vice Information Technology and Digital Innovation.

For the next few years, the educational institution is planning the launch of a classroom free software, a gifted experimental classroom teaching innovation of advanced material 3D printers, whiteboards, collaboration tools, micro-computers, wearables, etc. and the implementation of systems class recording and production booths webinars.