New technologies in classrooms Hamelin-Laie International School

New technologies connect students and content.

Classrooms Hamelin-Laie International School in Barcelona, ​​have interactive displays Clevertouch of Charmex. Robert Norris, one of the teachers, tells how they have changed classes.

Robert Norris enters his classroom, turn on the computer and says: "We have an hour Oral Inglés and students need to revise vocabulary." To prepare your lesson MultiTeach access the Snowflake software installed on your computer and start creating lesson: the group will work new concepts from games. Norris is a professor and coordinator of the Department of English Language Hamelin-Laie International School, a center that takes time betting on new technologies. Its classrooms have Clevertouch touchscreens, tablets, applications and programs that allow classes to develop more attractive to students form.

"All students want to participate and the feedback is amazing"

Even the content is delivered in formats that are attractive to them via smart touch devices (smartphone, tablet and even Smart TV). In the end, for them to perform the activities involves learning through play.

Direct connection. All these technological tools facilitate the work of teachers without losing sight of the role that has the student. And it is that new technologies make possible a direct connection between the content and the student. "Everyone wants to participate and the feedback is incredible," he says. About the software you used to prepare this class, Snowflake MultiTeach of Clevertouch says that "it is a program that offers many possibilities to create lessons quickly, visual and collaborative, adding more potential to touchscreen". With it, students can collaborate from their tablets through the Snowflake Remote application.

Configuration options also allow games or carry out activities of different types and their preparation requires little time. It also has a number of resources to use immediately and apply to different subjects, as well as a website to share and download lessons to other schools or teachers have developed: "All the potential offered depend on the creativity and use I want to give the teacher. It is especially recommended for levels kindergarten, primary and junior secondary "he concludes.