L'Escola Anselm Clave: more dynamic classes with touchmonitors Clevertouch

L'Escola Anselm Clave: Classes with more dynamic touchmonitors Clevertouch

<< Posted in Education 3.0 >> L'Escola Anselm Clave , located in Mollet del Valles, Barcelona, has Decided to Incorporate into Their classroom displays Clevertouch as multiaprendizaje system. Not the first time the center Renewed commitment With the latest technology available, since more than 10 years ago was one of the first Past centers to Provide all classes of the then-new IDPs.

Advised by the distributor certificate Clevertouch, Visual System, and in collaboration With Charmex International , implementation , you have - been a success. "Our school has incorporated in classrooms and Primary Education Monitors Clevertouch Plus Android LUX 55" and 65 ". We think That new technologies Have a Very Important role in education. On the one hand They offer many possibilities and, secondly, it is essential That Those students will adapt Technologies that will Accompany them THROUGHOUT Their student and professional life ", Explains Montserrat Armengol, educational director of the center.

In Addition, the use of this type of interactive displays have meant for them Also a noticeable change in the way we teach. And Its operation is very similar to a tablet, so it is intuitive and simple Simple past, as well as many useful applications for Incorporating different subjects. "The classes are more dynamic, Because the monitors allow better capture the attention of students and Themselves can interact searching for content, images of what is being Studied. We have also incorporated all digital books and THUS children, Especially smaller ones, find it Easier to visualize what the teacher is saying / or "I continues.

L'Escola Anselm Clave: more dynamic classes with touchmonitors Clevertouch
L'Escola Anselm Clave: more dynamic classes with touchmonitors Clevertouch
In different sizes

Interactive monitors Clevertouch Plus LUX are available in four different sizes (55 ", 65", 75 "and 84") and are Characterized by Incorporating a user interface called LUX. Thanks to him, you can Have a tactile experience using very similar to what tablets and smartphones Have users, Easier to use and Allowing access to a wide range of applications for primary and secondary schools across the Cleverstore store.

These devices Also Incorporate an interchangeable Android OPS module That Allows the device to work without a computer Independently. It also offers high reliability and supports intensive and, as is removable, will allow in the future change the module for more powerful versions.