dual-use interactive monitors at the Escola L'Arc de Sant Martí

Dual - use interactive monitors at the Escola L'Arc de Sant Martí

<< Posted in Education 3.0 >> Escola L'Arc de Sant Martí (Barcelona) was the first public school in Spain to acquire interactive displays Clevertouch , with folding support for multiaprendizaje. As explained by the center's director, Pilar Esteve, "in the new building opened just we did not want to fixed installations. Monitors Charmex have a support with wheels and folding variable height, allowing us to share a monitor in several classrooms and adapt it to the height of the students. We can also implement multi - touch educational activities in horizontal format, putting it as if it were a table. Another factor is that do not require changes of bulbs, maintenance or calibration, which saves money. "
dual-use interactive monitors at the Escola L'Arc de Sant Martí
The certificate Clevertouch distributor, 2d, scp , has been commissioned to advise the school, which acquired at first 70 - inch monitor with movable and folding stand so that can be converted into a worktable; later he bought another 55 inches. "It is the students Child which is initially enjoyed most of this new resource to which they have renamed the 'tablet giant'. It has also been very useful for students in special education, especially in the case of a student with a high level of visual impairment as it has been able to work and reinforce concepts and skills. "says Esteve.
The director of the center also highlights the advantages provided by the included software, Snowflake MultiTeach: "From our educational project consider the use of new technologies as a rich resource of self - learning, which is less routine. The software that comes with the monitors, Snowflake MultiTeach of Clevertouch, allows you to create your own content and adapt to the needs of each. While teaching practice facilitates the convenience of transmitting information to students, and to share with tablets or other devices. "

Behind Clevertouch there is a community of teachers around the world who contribute their knowledge in the form of lessons and remaining available to all, and this gives plus added value.