Charmex, your specialist in the audiovisual sector in Barcelona

Charmex, your specialist in the audiovisual sector in Barcelona

Do you need to equip your conference room for a conference? Do you want your act to be perfect?

In Charmex, B2B provider, specialist in the audiovisual sector in Barcelona, ​​they offer the most suitable solutions to integrate in your company. Your goal is to be a provider in the technology applied to communication, that is, everything you need to monetize your time, optimize your resources and increase the productivity of your work team.

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Since 1986, wholesaler Charmex has offered technological solutions with high quality products accompanied by a great professionalism on the part of its workers, being its main lines of business solutions for company, events, education and digital signage.

Prestigious companies such as BMW, municipalities and schools, have opted to implement some of their equipment in their facilities, as well as in theaters such as the Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona and the Teatro Real in Madrid. The products provided by Charmex range from audio and video equipment, to control systems or specific furniture to be able to carry out the event or provide a classroom. In addition, your team of experts advises and equips your space

Secondly, Charmex has evolved on a par with technology and that is why, today, they have services that allow their customers to communicate better. For example, the "Digital Signage" line or digital signage will allow you to modify, program and plan messages that you want to give from your company and that will be received worldwide in the public or private space you choose.

In addition, along with its suppliers located throughout Spain, you can help with your education projects projects with products such as whiteboards and interactive monitors that allow greater collaboration and understanding on the part of the students.

As for the events, they give a great number of technical and audiovisual solutions that will allow you to get much better to the attendees of your event and use your creativity to create new presentation concepts.
Charmex, your specialist in the audiovisual sector in Barcelona

Its main offices are located in Barcelona and have headquarters in Madrid, Portugal and Latin America; An international expansion that testifies to its advanced technological equipment.