Charmex updates its collaboration offer with the new wePresent solutions

The wePresent solutions marketed by Charmex are made of three ranges that respond to different collaboration requirements: the basic presentation series WiPG-1000P, the interactive WiPG-1600W and the collaborative WiCS-2100.

Published in: Digital AV Magazine

Charmex has updated its wePresent catalog with the manufacturer's new line of wireless presentation and collaboration solutions, which meets the needs of any training room or meeting room, and offers a seamless presentation with a fully interactive experience.

WePresent, Barco's product line, offers professional wireless presentation systems that allow up to 64 users to share their content from any device to present, interact and collaborate. The wePresent solutions marketed by Charmex now consist of three levels that meet different collaboration requirements: the basic presentation series WiPG-1000P , the WiPG-1600W interactive series and the WiCS-2100 collaborative series, the star system of the manufacturer.

The collaboration within companies and educational centers allows increasing the commitment of users and their productivity, while accelerating decision making. In addition, the integration of collaboration tools into the workflow improves business processes and performance. Greater collaboration means more exchange of knowledge and information, with which companies take advantage of their assets more effectively, encouraging innovation.

Charmex updates its collaboration offer with the new wePresent solutions

Currently there is a huge demand for collaborative technologies to share BYOD content ("bring your own device") on a screen or projector in meeting rooms, offices, auditoriums and training rooms.

However, technological problems are still present in the meeting rooms and classrooms. The disadvantages are due to the use of cables to transmit the video, the lack of availability of correct connectors in the different devices, the limitations in the number of devices that can be connected at the same time and the problems of resolution / aspect ratio wrong

With wePresent collaboration solutions you only need to connect to the WiFi or network where the system is installed, launch the software, play and collaborate from any device (Windows / Mac computer, smartphone and tablet iOS and Android) easily and without cables.

Charmex updates its collaboration offer with the new wePresent solutions

WePresent has been developed to offer a fast, reliable and accurate response to the needs of companies and educational centers that demand the use of presentation systems that are easy to install and use. It allows users to view and save on their own device what is being presented on the screen or projector in real time. The multi-room interactive collaboration (projection 1 to 4) gives the user the freedom to share his device to different screens that have a wePresent connected to the network. In turn, the moderator can manage up to 64 connected users and control who presents, with the option of up to four at a time.

The Wireless Multi-Touch Control function allows you to connect to touch screen or interactive whiteboard to wePresent and wirelessly control the computer from which it is projected.

Charmex has been uninterrupted for over six years as a value distributor of wePresent and has demo equipment of its solutions in the showrooms of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​allowing its customers to interact with them and to know in detail their functionalities. In addition, the wholesaler carries out the product training for its channel and is responsible for managing the after-sales service of the brand in Spain from its SAT in Badalona.