Charmex launches a demo program to unveil Samsung Flip

Charmex launches a demo program to unveil Samsung Flip

Charmex , B2B reference provider of the audiovisual sector, is pleased to announce the availability in the Spanish market of the Samsung Flip interactive whiteboard. To publicize this product that will revolutionize the business meeting rooms, the company has organized a series of promotion and training actions, including a customized demonstration program in its offices in Madrid and Barcelona.
Samsung Flip is a 55-inch interactive digital screen that allows you to share ideas instantly from various devices while several people can make notes in real time, simplifying collaboration in corporate environments and encouraging more creative and productive interaction. In addition, its intuitive interface has been specifically designed to simplify its use.

It is a revolutionary product because it combines the functions of a monitor or projector and a support board in a single device, which is ideal for small and medium sized meeting rooms that do not have enough size to install a projector or interactive monitor next to a blackboard with which to make notes. Samsung Flip delivers unprecedented collaborative efficiency by condensing multiple tools and processes from a traditional meeting into a stylish all-in-one design.
To make Flip known to its channel, Charmex has organized a series of promotion and training actions, which demonstrates the company's clear commitment to this solution. First, a webinar will be held to present the product to its entire distribution channel on April 19 at 4:00 p.m.
On the other hand, Charmex has launched a demonstration program so that those interested can go to their facilities in Madrid and Barcelona to witness a personalized presentation of the product and interact with it (the company has installed Flip screens in its showrooms). This program is the ideal occasion for everyone to try this complete solution and appreciate its power and versatility (you can reserve a demo at the following address: ).
Charmex launches a demo program to unveil Samsung Flip
In the short period of time since its launch, Samsung Flip has already won two industry awards at the Top New Technology Awards 2018 (TNT), winning in the Commercial Digital Signage Solutions categories: Hardware and Commercial Digital Signage Solutions: Software . Also, since Samsung Flip was shown for the first time at CES 2018, it has generated a huge expectation in the Spanish market.
Utility and operation

Samsung Flip allows you to share information, annotations and modifications easily, even perform searches, as well as having the ability for multiple users to create and contribute content at the same time. In addition, its portable base with wheels allows converting any space into a meeting room, which gives greater flexibility to companies with limited spaces.

The interactive Flip board can be positioned for vertical or horizontal view, according to the needs of each meeting. When used with its adjustable stand, Flip maximizes the space available to write in the position chosen by the user. If the meeting needs a more centralized, round-table discussion, the monitor can be mounted on the wall.

Through the simultaneous participation of multiple users, Samsung Flip ensures that all voices and ideas are heard during any meeting. Up to four participants can interact directly on the screen at the same time, using their fingers or a stylus. By doing so, each user can customize their annotations with their own style, size and color of text, in UHD resolution.

For greater interactivity this digital whiteboard also offers compatibility with other devices through wireless connectivity. The integrated screen sharing feature makes the content of mobile devices such as Smartphones or laptops available on the Samsung Flip, thus introducing fresh ideas to the discussion.
Charmex launches a demo program to unveil Samsung Flip
Charmex launches a demo program to unveil Samsung Flip
As meetings end, Samsung Flip safely stores all content in a centralized database, without the need for recaps or handwritten transcripts. Its hermetic system, with password-based protection, protects the details of the meeting and ensures that only approved users can access the information. Thus, once they log in, the meeting hosts and their participants can download and share submitted content via email or traditional printing. Also, users can save meeting notes on a USB stick or other external source.
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