"ISE 2018 has been the global window that has given us image and visibility", Santiago Verdú, CEO of Charmex

Charmex International SA Home
Charmex International SA Home

Silence and Christie BoldColor give new life to Verdi's Requiem

For the new staging of Verdi's opera at the Auditori in Barcelona, ​​the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra (OBC) commissioned the Slidemania company to create a new visual imagery that would involve the audience in the emotional context of the piece.




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Charmex International SA Home

Integrated logistics service itself. Material deliveries in 48-72 hours to anywhere in the Iberian Peninsula, either in your store or in your final customer.

Charmex International SA Home

It is our goal that your company has a credit limit that ensures smooth and well off business relationship.

Charmex International SA Home

Our priority: the customer. We have a team - oriented customer service. We serve effectively and specialized doubts and needs

Charmex International SA Home

Own shortcut service to our customers. We have the best professionals for advice you need.

Charmex International SA Home

Broad portfolio of products in stock to cover all the needs for AV installations. AV integrated development projects.

Charmex International SA Home

Long career that consolidates us in the sector.